Feed Additives

Saltec 502 is a mixture of organic acids and their salts to control the microbial load.


• Saltec 502 Prevents Salmonella, E. coli and Mycoplasma spp. in both raw materials and feed.

• It controls the growth of wide range of pathogenic bacteria and mold.

• It keeps Production line free from fungal spores.

• It controls enteric diseases and maintains good health.

• It becomes active as a mix in feed or raw materials.

• It Prolongs the freshness and quality of feed.

• It is Safe and stable, and no withdrawal period.

• It Enhances nutrient utilization, feed conversion ratio, growth and productivity.

Microbond is a natural yeast-based mycotoxin adsorbent for all animal species (poultry and livestock).

•It adsorbs wide range of multiple mycotoxins.

•It does not bind nutrients.

•Low effective inclusion level.

•It is stable at wide range of PH and temperature.

•It is supported by idependant research trials (Uni.– of North Carolina USA).

•It is a natural immunity booster